About Us

Madison Landscape Company prides itself in its professional and knowledgable team. Our 35+ years of experience in the landscape planning, landscape construction, turfgrass and lawn management and lawn maintenance industry is second to none. We listen to your lawn and landscape needs and ideas, and offer ideas of our own. We want to create an attractive landscape design that will meet your needs and last for years to come. Our company is unique in that we can handle the smallest jobs, such as renovating a foundation bed around a residence, as well as having the capacity of being the lead on large commercial design and installation projects in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. We pride ourselves in learning every trade dealing with outdoor environments and pass our knowledge and experience on to our employees as well as our interested customers.

Trey Cox

Maintenance & Sales
Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Marketing, Mississippi State University

ph: (601) 573-9293


Zach Williams

Landscape Construction Superintendent

ph:  (601) 383-3575


Wes Jones

Landscape Designer & Sales
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Mississippi State University 

ph: (601) 862-8420


Leta Bryan

Lead Designer

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Mississippi State University